Art Week CPH_The Final Exhibition

Champion, 2017-18
Plaster cast (unique) 88x55x22 cm, on wooden display box

© Photos by David Leth Williams

Art Week CPH 2019 

The Final Exhibition




Model for Ventilation, 2017

Iron, Epoxy, Sealed Air Cushion, 90x40x10 cm.

Poem for Frieze (across the street), 2019

Air Bubble Wrap, beads with letters, 90x40 cm.

Installation view: Poem for Frieze (across the street), 2019

(Photo by Ida Retz Wessberg)


Shipped Air, 2019 

Air Cushion Film sewn together by hand, coins. 330x300 cm. 

(Photo by IRW)

Detail: Shipped Air, 2019

(€-coins inside Air Cushion Fim, sewn by hand)

(Photo by IRW)

Installation view from the opening, Art Week CPH 2019

Photo © David Leth Williams


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