Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Ida Retz Wessberg



Process of the sculpture Cape for Camille 2018

(from left): artist Ida Retz Wessberg, Franco Turchi, Malene Bang og Pontus Kjerrman).

Photo: Ida Retz Wessberg.

Ida Retz Wessberg(b. 1986, DK) is a young Danish sculptor.

She has a critical and historical approach to her practice, working with themes such as the body, gender and immateriality. Retz Wessberg uses traditional sculptural materials such as plaster and bronze, as well as modern materials such as Air Bubble Wrap. She has a particular interest in air. As an example, she has produced numerous sculptures and casts from puffer jackets. She examines the volume of the jacket, constituted by the encapsulated air held in rectangular bulges, as a contemporary uniform, concealing the unique body of the individual wearing it. Retz Wessberg is concerned with how the history and perceived values of materials, as well as their internal hierarchies, affect the way we encounter sculpture.

She graduated from The School of Sculpture Charlottenborg, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2018. She has exhibited at Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art and Kunsthal Charlottenborg, among other places.